‘Chip Cloud Project’ is an Indie Rock Band. A musical journey embarked by David Liphshitz, an Israeli born musician, influenced by 70’s Classic Rock

David is a man of the world; musician, radio broadcaster, international IT Consultant, a history/politics buff and a creative thinker.

He writes lyrics, composes music. Plays keyboards and guitars.

David’s Musical biography

Since an early age, David loved music and learned to play, practically by myself, on guitar and keyboards. Especially, David loved British rock. It started with the Beatles and continued with progressive rock bands; Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes, Led Zeppelin and others. David also loves Israeli musicians such as Shalom Hanoch, Matti Caspi, Meir, and Evyatar Banai, Mashina, Izhar Ashdot, Assaf Amdurski, Shlomo Artzi, Kaveret, Aviv Geffen and others
Luckily, at his high-school class, David met Yuval Rivlin. Rivlin was a classically trained pianist and a senior member at an Israeli progressive rock band called ‘Atmosphera’. ‘Atmosphera’ was primarily influenced by progressive rock band “Yes”. Rivlin is the one who introduced David to progressive rock, during a time when a small number of people in Israel heard of it.

David began to write songs in high-school. And even worked on some songs with Rivlin.

In the course of his career, David lived and worked for 9 years in the USA and Australia Thus, he feels comfortable to express himself in English.

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